Common Questions

I need some help getting set up!

Why Coachseek?

Coachseek exists to save sports coaches time and money. We believe that coaches don’t like admin, who does right?!

We are sports coaches ourselves and were fed up with the lack of a great system to run our coaching business. Excel spreadsheets, old desktop software that’s impossible to understand and expensive to update and paper diaries were not good enough. We’re so confident our scheduling software will be awesome for your sports business we will let you try it free!

I’m not technical, how easy is it to use?

I’m never in one place, is Coachseek for me?

Not only is it for you, it’s designed specifically for the busy sports coach who is on the move. Coachseek is cloud software, which means that as long as you have an internet connection you can get onto the site. You can use it on your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer wherever you are. We’ve even made the site optimised for mobile phones which means you don’t have to waste time logging in to your computer every time you want to update something.

I’m a seasonal coach, will this work for me?

Absolutely, we’re happy for you to use Coachseek only when you need it. If you’re a seasonal coach just drop us a line at [email protected] and let us know what months of the year you need to use the software. We’ll save all your data and put your account on hold while you’re in the off season – when you log back in it’ll be exactly as you left it.

What sports do you support?

We support all sports! Coachseek is a flexible scheduling and appointment software that can process bookings and payments for anything from one to one sessions to large group sessions like holiday camps. So whether your job involves a round ball, free weights, a swimming pool or a soccer pitch we are confident Coachseek can save you time and increase your business.

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