Top 11 reasons to create get your website powered by Coachseek

  • Impress your current and prospective new clients with an outstanding first experience of your coaching business.
  • Easy to navigate and mobile optimised to delight your visitors.
  • High SEO ranking. With all the right keywords and a beautiful, mobile optimised site you’ll be finishing high up the rankings in google searches. More customers & increased revenue.
  • Peace of mind – you’ll have a high performing website that does the best job of promoting and spotlighting who you are, and what you do, and bringing people through the door.
  • We’re on your team – an ongoing relationship as we help host, maintain and work with you to keep improving the site.
  • We can secure your ideal domain name and set up professional email addresses for your whole team.
  • Our world class booking software FREE – no more customers slipping through the cracks as it will be a frictionless experience to book 24/7 onto your camps/classes/clinics.
  • Never use a spreadsheet again – all the bookings go straight into your Coachseek app and registers, and work on any device at any time.
  • Effortlessly take registrations for events/fixtures/tournaments.
  • A full database that update everytime someone books. Central place you can text, email and call your clients, plus export all their details to create beautiful newsletters in mailchimp.
  • Clients can pay immediately, so they rock up ready to go with no need to be chasing or invoicing.

The single place to manage your
entire coaching business

Online Bookings - Payments - Websites - Scheduling - Attendance - Fully Mobile

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The Top 11 Reasons Why

"The Coachseek team have been very professional, been in the same business as me and have great knowledge on how best to help coaches with the technology that's available."

Ryan Russell, Head Coach, DTL Tennis Coaching

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Your custom website with all the tools you need to manage your coaching

Get a beautiful shop front with our world class booking software built in.

Get time back to coach

Dump your spreadsheets & build your entire program online in minutes. Take online bookings & payment 24/7, a single place to store all your client data and track their activity.

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Fully Mobile

Our software plugs into your website and works perfectly when you're out on the field or court. Easily check off who is present, SMS or email students from the iPhone or Android app, and book people into their next sessions.

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Pricing plan to suit any coaching business, club or school

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Starter Bronze Silver Gold
One-time fee (USD) $999 $1,495 $1,995 $3,495
OR Pay monthly over 12 months (USD) N/A $135 $185 $315
Custom designed website 1 page Upto 4 page Upto 8 page Upto 12 page
Consultation with our in-house design team to share ideas/inspiration
Domain name, hosting, maintenance, updates
Coachseek management software built in free for all your bookings, clinics, classes, payments, attendance and customer database 1 year (save upto $720 USD) 3 years (save upto $2,160 USD) 5 years (save upto $3,600 USD) 5 years (save upto $3,600 USD)
Fully self-editable/updateable text and images
Guarantee it will be fully mobile optimised, easy to navigate and fast loading
Ongoing hosting/maintenance costs $30 USD p/m $30 USD p/m $45 USD p/m inc 1 hour of consult per month $45 USD p/m inc 5 hour of consult per month
SEO Friendly…finish high up Google rankings
Social media icons to link to all your main channels
Unlimited Custom Email Addresses
Social media integration (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter)
Personal & Company Branding
E-Commerce/Shopping Cart Integration


I don't have a domain, will I have to pay extra for this?

Nope not at all, we’ll sort out all the hard stuff for you. This means we’ll find and take care of the domain registration fees, ensure it is always renewed each year – all at our cost.

What does the hosting/maintenance fee actually cover?

The hosting & maintenance fee covers the costs for us to hire the server to actually ‘host’ your website on, whenever you build a website it needs to be stored somewhere! For this fee we give you insurance that your site will be live 99% of the the year, and if anything goes wrong we’ll get it fixed ASAP!

Do you have any examples of any previous work?

Yes plenty! We built our own website + the Coachseek Management tool. We can share portfolios from other projects and also see DTL Tennis. Typically we get inspiration from you and sites you like and then get to work to deliver great results that suit the needs of a sports coach!

How long will it take to build?

Typically it takes 2 weeks from the word GO. Exciting huh! This is based on co-ordinating with you (getting photos/logos etc) in a timely fashion. We provide regular updates and communication on how it is progressing. 14 days from now you could have your new site…

Ok let's do this! What's the next step?

Simply arrange a free 30-minute consultation with one of our team by clicking on one of the Book Buttons on this page. We can then work out the best option for you and arrange a time to speak with our design team. We’re exited to work with you!

What are the payment terms?

Either we ask for a one-off fee, or you can pay for the site over 12 months with no big upfront fee. It’s entirely up to you and we’ll work with you to decide the best option.

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