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We Ditched Email For Slack – Here’s Why You Should Too!

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I want to tell you the short tale of how we ditched our email for Slack. It totally transformed Coachseek from the inside out, and it’ll do the same for you & your business.

The tale starts with this overflowing inbox…


Email replacement for slack


It was the typical start and end of every day coaching tennis for me. Booking enquiries. Coaching timesheets. Player follow ups. Pro Shop emails. All intertwined with each other. It was a mess. So hard to track and keep up to date with, and important messages from my coaches went missed. And it wasn’t just me. They missed my notes for exactly the same reasons!


I thought all of this would change when we started up Coachseek. But instead of the coaching team emails, it quickly became Coachseek team emails, questions and updates. The same, messy email state as a year earlier running a tennis coaching business.


Thank you Slack for changing everything.

Slack is killing email

If you’re like us, you’ll barely put much thought into the tools you use to communicate as a team. But it’s usually an absolute smorgasbord. Emails, texts, WhatsApp, Skype chat, Facebook groups or chat groups – Slack fits perfectly to replace all of the above!


The concept of Slack is pretty simple. It folds together all the functionality of email, instant messaging, file sharing, and more into one system that’s actually fun to use. No more mis- (or missed) communications in your coaching staff.


After only 4 days using Slack I had not a single email from internal staff. Much more manageable. Fast forward to today, and Slack has become an indispensable tool for us at Coachseek, we couldn’t imagine our lives without it. Take a brief look at our mail stats before we were using Slack. Month over month we were sending more and more stuff to each other, and most of it was only a few words!

Internal emails before and after slack

This paper brick road was swiftly torn down when we brought Slack onboard. The month after we took on Slack, all internal emails dried up. Google was worried.

In an instant we cut our weekly internal mail from around 600, to just 3 or 4 across the entire team (Slack won’t cut out external email unfortunately). Slack absorbed all our internal communication, our response time to messages was quicker, and generally life was more awesome!


How About It? Slack for Your Coaching Business…

There are 3 core things we think Slack does really well that makes it the perfect tool for us here at Coachseek, but will also make it the perfect tool for your Coaching business. 


Slack lets you communicate in three different ways:

How Slack works

  • Public Channels (like a chatroom)With your whole coaching team on Slack, you can have different channels for each area of your business – in the new enquiry channel, you can add any info or details for any new players – genius! 
  • Private groups (like a private chat room)Could be just for your assistant coaches, for you and the office manager, or a place to share a few jokes!
  • Direct Messages (like SMSing or Facebook messaging) – has one of your coaching team not filled out the attendance register again? Send them a hurry up through a direct private message on Slack! 


Slack categorises the madness by separate channels (we call it organised madness), but it’s also really smart – all our daily banter and cat videos go into #banterific (the channel with the most engagement for us!) while all other work tasks are sorted in other areas.

Replacing email for slack


The beauty of Slack is that it enables your team to operate in complete transparency. Anybody on your team can pop in or out to keep in the loop. The conversation is shifted from your inbox or phone and into a virtual room – centralising everything. There’s an app for Slack too so you can send and receive messages straight from your phone or iPad! Perfect for when your coaching team are out and about, without resulting back to the smorgasbord approach of an email, Facebook message, text or WhatsApp!


Where did I leave that…? Hello‘ Search’

A kickass but simple feature we love is ‘search’. Everything you type, link or send is archived in Slack.  You and your team can easily find it again, even if you forget the name of the file, but remember when it was sent or what file it was. Goodbye trawling through never ending email strings to find a file.


Lastly, and easily the icing on the cake, is that Slack has personality! The Slackbot will share humorous jokes or puns with you if you mention the words, or send hilarious gifs to your team through /giphy integration.

Slack the ‘email killer’

Slack has been heralded as the slayer of email, and we know exactly why. It’s incredibly easy to set up and teams can jump in right away. We had our team set up in under 5 minutes. It’s reliable, and works everywhere! 


So what better time than now to get Slack into your coaching business and all your staff using it! With 2.3 Million daily active users from all around the world, you can’t go wrong. You’ll seriously wonder how you ever managed without it! It’s made our team more productive and motivated than ever. We’ll never look back, so give it a shot, we guarantee you’ll love it. /giphy get back to work!

Slack email replacement

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